5 Useful Cydia Tweaks and Apps for iOS 8-based Devices

The world of jailbreaking was on hold a while after the iOS 8 was introduces. Jailbreak developers were not quite sure whether they would be able to create a jailbreak tool soon enough for users to take advantage of the wide selection of apps and tweaks. This happened a few weeks after the launch of iOS 8, and now, users are able to perform iOS 8 jailbreak on pretty much any iOS 8-based device.

And since jailbreak became possible, it was natural to expect Cydia download store working on iOS 8. Now, we can install free Cydia apps  on iOS 8 after performing the jailbreak, and start searching for our favorite apps and tweaks.

Unfortunately, there are not many free Cydia apps and tweaks out there that were upgraded for the iOS 8 jailbreak. Nonetheless, here, I want to show you a couple of minor yet useful tweaks that are now compatible with iOS 8 jailbreak. All those great apps such as Winterboard, CCSettings or Activator are also updated, but I will not include them in my list. Check out five useful free Cydia apps and tweaks that are now working on iOS 8 devices.


Meant mostly for the iPad, the SwipeSelection tweak has proved to work great even on the iPhone’s small screen. Selection text on iOS can become quite a pain. You try to select a word, but instead you end up selecting a different part of the text, while you overwrite an important idea. With the help of this tweak, you are able to manipulate text in pretty much any way you want. You can even use gestures on the keyboard to move and select text.


As the name might imply, Slide2Kill8 is an iOS 8-based Cydia tweak which helps you improve the life of their devices. The tweak makes closing all running apps as simple as downward swipe on the multitasking screen. That is all it does, but you will see that this simple thing will help you to extend the battery life of your device.



DetailedBatteryUsage gives you a clear insight of your battery life stats, an insight that is not just a list of percentages or battery consumption by app. Instead, it gives you graphs, shows energy used, CPU energy used and many other. It is great when you want to see which apps drain the more battery life, and which are worth to be kept running.


As you may imagine, BytaFont lets you customize the font on your iOS device. You can download a wide variety of fonts from free Cydia Apps download store, choose the one you like and start changing the look and appearance of your iPhone or iPad. If you do not like the stock fonts, you can easily change that with a font of your choice.



The fingerprint sensor represents the novelty that the new devices bring. It is all fun and useful to unlock your device, but at one point, some of you might be tired of it. Even though Apple lets app developers use the sensor to lock certain apps, not all apps have this function. With BioLockDown, you can lock any app or settings you want with the help of the fingerprint sensor. Head over to Cydia download store and download BioLockDown in order to protect your privacy.

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Viber announces new desktop app revamps Android and IOS versions

Along side declaring over 200 thousand customers global, Viberis additionally getting this very day to declare what it’s currently talking about whilst the greatest revise towards the support however.

To begin with, the Viber regarding Android and iOS programs each possess been about the obtaining end-of quite a significant renew, following a current intro of VoIP phoning on mature variations of rim OS.

A most-fresh pc application may, by nowadays, even be open to Viber customers on the Macintosh or Computer (Linux arriving quickly, we are informed), packaging in many of the functions the support is well known regarding however in a less-cellular type.

People utilizing Viber and whatsapp for iPad is iOS and Android applications might find numerous modifications towards the general user-experience in edition 3.0, including additional assistance regarding movie communications, a book words motor to simply help enhance phone excellent, the capability to examine connections A on-line standing along with a totally remodeled software.

The Viber Pc that is recently struck functions effortlessly combines and video-calling OR syncs using the choices that are cellular – making such things as having the ability to move continuing speech calls between products feasible. Whilst communicating with the Business’s boss, Talmon Marco, they informed people improvement regarding rim ten is in its

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Use Hangouts SMS

Have you got an Android telephone? You ought to be utilizing Hangouts regarding text!

Since text was allowed within the Hangouts application for Android it’s been some time. In certain products such as the Nexus FIVE, it now’s the only real text application that comes mounted.

w11Several advantages are offered by Hangouts SMS within the common inventory texting applications – if you should be not utilizing it and you’d be passing up on a great deal. Out of this flexible message giant, you are able to obtain significantly using just a couple easy steps.

Nevertheless, this mixture that is extremely flexible appears to be instead underused, using numerous customers crippling the function after viewing dual that is irritating notices, returning towards the INCHInventory” texting application.

Take a look at a few of the advantages:

Hangouts instantly registers which connections are on-line and instantly changes to Speak from vice-versa EQUALS possible savings in your text expenses and text.

You are able to sign in to a several products using the Yahoo identification that is identical – as well as your talks that are Hang-Out is likely to be duplicated across all them, including Android, iPhone and even iPad. This really is anything not many messenger applications supply (Whatsapp download ipad and WeChat – I am taking a look at anyone!), and it is super-convenient, particularly because:

Anyone assume you have to deliver a photograph that will be presently on your computer and begin a speak on cellular. Stainless – hangouts cans simply available, and deliver it towards the identical chat line, which is immediately synced using the application that is pc, after which return to cellular to carry on the chat’s remainder! And you will do that using any mixture of products, to that you get drenched in together with your Yahoo identification.

But to attain all of this mojo that is speak, certainly a couple are of extra actions you have to do, along with allowing text in Hangouts:

Eliminate the notices in just about any text application that is formerly mounted. The choice must certainly not be unavailable in its menus that is configurations. This can avoid notices that are dual.

Available the application that is Google inside your Android device at least one time, when it requires authorization to synchronize connections for your device and permit. Google is worked together with by hangouts, and it’ll get instantly updated from your own Google accounts, that will be ideal using contact particulars once synchronize is allowed.

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How to Hide Your Online/Offline Status on Whatsapp for PC

Everybody knows and agrees with the fact that Whatsapp is the most famous instant messaging application available at this time. It has been around for several years, but it features still attract thousands of users worldwide. In fact, Whatsapp has become the primary replacements for the default Messages app. And, since it is cross-platform mobile messaging, it means that users will be able to send and receive instant messages from other users running a different platform.

The good news is that now, we are able to use Whatsapp for PC. Even if the application was intended for mobile use only, we also have the ability to install the application a computer, and use it in the same manner as we use it on our smartphones or tablets. One of the most important problems Whatsapp users are dealing with is the level of privacy. If for some users the online / offline aspect does not represent a problem, for others, it is a real pain.


For those of you who want to avoid sharing their online status, find out that now, we have this possibility. If you choose to hide the online status on Whatsapp, you will be able to avoid the contract from other annoying persons. In the same time, you will decide if you want to answer to a certain message or not. However, for this, you will need to learn how you can hide the online or Last Seen status on Whatsapp.

Before going any further, I want to tell you that this method is also suitable for users who run Whatsapp for PC. Since it works on the same basis, the steps are the same. However, in order to launch Whatsapp, you need to launch Bluestacks first, and select Whatsapp from the “My Apps.”

list. Otherwise, everything is practically the same.

How to Hide Online / Offline Status

Step 1: Launch Whatsapp. AS I mentioned above, in the case of a PC, launch first Bluestacks or the emulator you are using, and choose Whatsapp from the application.

Step 2: Go to Setting by tapping the tab located at the bottom right of the screen.

Step 3: Go to Chat Setting and search for the Advanced option.

Step 4: Now, all you have to do is to toggle the “Last Seen” timestamp or option to OFF.


This is all. As you can see, it is actually pretty simple. In case you do not want to hide the Last Seen status on Whatsapp anymore, then you can always set the Last Seen option to on, by following the same steps.

However, if you think you cannot do this manually; you can simply start searching for an application which does practically the same thing, but automatically. The third-party application is called Last Not Seen and it very simple to use. The best thing is that it can be also downloaded on a PC, thanks to the Bluestacks application which works as an interface between your computer and all those mobile application.



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Apple Sued For Not Having Filter In Safari

Based on Chris Sevier, who filed suit against Apple in a Tennessee district court, Cupertino supports “porn on-line, explicit sexual content which has led to the proliferation of arousal addiction, sex trafficking, prostitution, and innumerable amounts of shattered lives.”

Sevier said Apple devices should be locked down to filter out pornographic content on Safari, though those over 18 should have the ability to get a password from Apple to unlock the mature material. If Apple agrees to this filter, Sevier said he will drop his lawsuit.

It would be surprising, on the other hand, if the judge takes Sevier’s complaint seriously. The 50-page filing is rambling, grammatically incorrect, and generally unhinged.

“He may return to the practice of law after showing to the court by clear and convincing evidence that the disability was removed and he’s fit to resume the practice of law,” the TBA said at time, but it is unclear if Sevier has done thus. Sevier filed the charge himself and it generally does not name an external law firm; it lists his current position as an “electronic artist” with the music group Ghost Wars.

That complaint, meanwhile, manages to mention 9/11, cocaine, the virtues of life in the 1950s, Abu Ghraib, and what he believes are the damaging effects of permitting homosexuals to serve in the military. Sevier is an Army combat veteran, based on the filing.


Because of this, it would be quite laughable if it was not a bit miserable. Sevier essentially asserts that purchasing a MacBook destroyed his life because Apple’s Safari browser didn’t block access to pornography – and it all got started when he “accidentally” typed in f**kbook.com rather than Facebook.com.

“Before purchasing a MacBook the plaintiff hadn’t ever seen pornographic pictures,” or visited a strip club or sex club, the filing claims. Pornographic websites, however, led to the death of his union, in accordance with Sevier.

“Apple has an obligation to society not to restrict married contracts, to reduce the number of kids being orphaned or being raised in single parent homes and from decreasing the chances of American girls traveling abroad from being sex trafficked,” Sevier says.

Not surprisingly, the filing contradicts itself rather a couple of times. He also claims that Apple should block Backpage.com from everyone, even people that have the “porn password.”

Apple gadgets are, obviously, not the only ones that can access the Internet. Sevier doesn’t really address this except to say that “pro-family device manufacturers, such as Apple, should do the right thing.”

Meanwhile, Apple has a well-known policy against pornographic material for apps in its app stores. Back in 2010, Steve Jobs famously said that Apple offers “independence from pornography,” and Cupertino has normally removed apps that promote adult content; see the slideshow above.

In subsequent filings, Judge Todd J. Campbell indicated that he might dismiss the case because of Sevier’s failure to pay the civil filing fee. Judge Campbell pointed to have in a checking account, which would cover the fee, although Sevier requested that his filing fee is waived by the court because he cannot manage it, the judge said. If Sevier supply the required advice or does not pay up to show that he’s indigent, Judge Campbell said the suit could be dismissed.

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The Features WhatsApp for PC Comes With

Because texting became people’s favorite method of communicating with each other and due to the fact that Smartphones are their favorite accessories, an amazing number of apps have been developed that most of us did not think about a while ago. One of the most used and loved instant messaging application is WhatsApp. People all over the world use this application because it offers unlimited messages, it allows sending photos and videos without charging them no matter where they are and where the people they chat with are.

However, people became eager to use WhatsApp on PC, but there is no official version of the app in order for them to use on the computer. But the problem has been solved when the Android emulators were designed. Therefore, people can have WhatsApp for PC now but first they have to download one of the apps that bring the Android experience to their computers.


If you are thinking about getting WhatsApp for PC, you must know exactly the features this app comes with. So, here is a list of what the instant messaging app is offering its users

1.            Once the app is installed, you have the possibility to send to multimedia files like images, videos and voice notes to your friends. And everything is free of charge, as the app does not come with hidden costs.

2.            In addition to sending multimedia files, WhatsApp for PC enables users to also share their location along with wallpapers and chat history with other people  without encountering any difficulties.

3.            The application allows people to create group chats with friends or relatives, making them able to as up to 50 participants to the chat group.

4.            Downloading WhatsApp for PC becomes very easy once one of the Android emulators such as BlueStacks, which can be downloaded free of charge, or YouWave which has a free trial, are installed.

These features are perfect for people who are interested in using texting as the main method of communication. However, I am sure that there are many people who prefer calling each other instead of sending messages. For these people, I would definitely recommend other applications. For example, there is Viber which is a perfect app for calling your friends free of charge, no matter where they are. In addition, you can also use Skype, well known for a great Video call connection. This can also be used for free, if the one you are calling has the application installed.


WhatsApp for PC, as well as the other apps mentioned, which have both mobile and desktop versions available, are great. Choosing one of them depends only on your needs and on your friend’s desires, because in order to communicate with them through one of this apps, they also must have it installed on their mobile devices or mobile phones.

Now that you are aware of what WhatsApp for PC has to offer, you can definitely decide whether you want to download it or choose another similar application.

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The Top IPhone Apps.

24Your best attributes with regard to the iPhone is how they could add additional applications onto the telephone, influenced by your special demands. For just about any individual who’s a trade professional who would like the finest iPhone apps arranging your own time, you they’ll adore the efficacy applications it will be possible to get on your iPhone. Nonetheless, should you happen to become regular iPhone applications that you’d be really capable of pick from?

Among the Finest iPhone apps consistently may be the WeatherBug program. This component lets you get up – to – date climate readings, which make arranging a picnic amazingly simple. How frequently have you ever questioned exactly what the current weather condition was more likely to be like in a few days? Well, being a replacement to tuning in to your nightly weather report for that outlook, you can to effortlessly check out your iPhone Also it supplies you a weather forecast.

A different one of the Finest iPhone apps that everyone must have on the iPhone would function as Food Network Application. This program is perfect for families, plus to people who live alone but in addition love a great meal each night. With this particular program it will be possible to read and find – away the recipes from various Food Network shows.  Have you been in the mood for exceptional sorts of food, but you don’t comprehend just what it actually is? Well, it’s straight-forward to click through the listing of recipes reliant upon the kind of parts it makes good use of, how extended it should take to produce as well as even vacation dishes. This program is really one of probably the very precious apps that you might have in your iPhone, chiefly should you love to cook.

The following Finest iPhone app this can be an ideal tactic to keep connected together with all your favorite performers, together with where they are performing next. Nevertheless, maybe the Finest Characteristics relating to this program may be the reality that it’s possible to convey that which you look at. You could email an individual concerts’ advice to anybody within your address book through just tapping Email It 34.

Once you’ve completed this, you’ll have the ability to email this really important information to everybody you had wanted to talk about it with. Also, when you might have obtained your tickets along with friends and family are all prepared to create out, it’s easy for perfect driving advice to the place. Though, these driving instructions are nothing can beat any you have at any time experienced. They offer you special directions, along with travel advice.

With this particular program you can simplify your musical life, as well as have regular access towards the groups which you only find irresistible.

Learn how to make great your-self to cash and produce great iPhone apps even when you  don’t have any programming experience! It’s very simple without any costly equipment and none of these complex applications and we’ll demonstrate how, simply click around the hyperlink to begin TO-DAY!

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WiFi toggle and ip with SimpleWifi

For all the SBSettings customers, numerous of the tweaks readily available in the Cydia store are worthless or repetitive. You desire to toggle off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or your data connection? SBSettings could do that. You desire to watch your iDevice’s IP address or additional network details? Just merely swipe throughout your phone’s status bar. Nonetheless, this does not suggest that a tweak that does one of these activities is absolutely inconsequential.


There are particular circumstances when SBSettings can easily not relate to your rescue. Exactly what if you are making use of an application in complete screen method? SBSettings just can’t be introduced there. Notification Center, on the additional hand, is genuinely global as well as can easily be introduced from anywhere in iOS. This is exactly what makes SimpleWiFi a valuable tweak. It is primarily a Notification Center widget that delivers its individuals with a toggle for Wi-Fi, as well as shows the present network’s label along with your Apple iPhone’s IP address.

The SimpleWiFi widget is obtainable for download in the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store, as well as the moment you have actually installed it to your iDevice, there will certainly be no instant modification in the Notification Center.

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Do not disturb by the flip of a switch with BannerDisable

Apple offered the “Do Not Disturb” toggle in Operating System X Mountain Lion, which permits customers to conceal notifications and also banner notices. It’s an awesome little function for those that do not wish advertisements and also notifications to irritate them while composing a vital e-mail or while wagering an online game etc.

Previously in the week a study likewise declared that Apple will certainly include of the “Do Not Disturb” toggle in iOS 6.

If you have actually jailbroken your iOS device, at that point we have actually some really good news. You do not need to await Apple to release iOS 6 to utilize this characteristic as jailbreak developer – Ron Melkhior has actually merely discharged a tweak called BannerDisable, which delivers the “Do Not Disturb” toggle to iOS 5. x.x.

You may permit or turn off the “Do Not Disturb” toggle by means of the Settings application, which will definitely conceal notifcations and also banner notices. The position of the toggle is just where it is. BannerDisable is accessible totally free in Cydia.

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Exactly what’s this fascination with having Flash on idevices? Well if you’re one that actually wants to play Flash games in Safari on your iPad, there might yet be hope for you. Frash is a Jailbreak hack by programmer Comex which ports Flash support to the iPad. Currently Frash is unstable, yet you are able to get the Frash resource files from github (http://github.com/comex/frash) build the project and also install it on your Jailbroken iPad. Essentially, Frash is forked from the Android Adobe Flash runtime to the iPhone. Comex produced the being compatible layer. Frash runs in the iPad MobileSafari web browser using iOS 4 and also it will most likely sustain iPhone devices soon.

Update: You may presently install Frash on the following gadgets:

– iPhone 3Gs

– iPhone 4

– iPod Touch 3G

– iPad


– iOS 4.x for iPhone and iTouch

– iOS 3.2.x for iPads

To install Frash from Cydia, 1st remove any type of previous variation of Frash from your device. At that point merely bring the adhering to resource URL to Cydia: http://repo.benm.at from the Manage tab. Refresh Cydia and also search for Frash in Cydia to locate Frash in the repo and also install it. You’ll have the ability to have a look at web sites including Flash data in Safari after a reboot of your device. You could optionally even set up a Frash toggler for SBSettings called Frash Toogle.

While you may get Frash installed, beware the reality that it is in pre-beta sort at this moment, so expect a rugged ride as well as backup as always. Comex is even the designer of Jailbreakme.com and also Spirit Jailbreak device that you can use to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad, as well as iPod touch with simplicity.

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